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Jobs with Potential, Work with Purpose

You can start a new, meaningful career path, as a disability support worker supporting Manitoba's most vulnerable. The Direct Service Provider "Rapid Recruitment Initiative" is looking to recruit Manitobans for entry-level full-time employment in the disability field.

Job opportunities are available with non-profit agencies in communities across Manitoba that are funded by the Department of Families. Direct service providers support Manitobans with disabilities in their homes, at their workplaces and in other community settings.  Support may include helping with daily household tasks, supporting life skills development and providing physical and emotional support.

Interested Manitobans can register immediately at, where they will be directed to create a profile with the platform.  When you sign up with envoyy, you will be asked to provide some information to complete your profile and then you can explore available job opportunities posted by community agencies and families across the province. 

The Department of Families has partnered with Red River College to offer an accelerated, online course to successful applicants.  For more information on the course, you can visit Individuals can be referred to the training program either once they sign up with envoyy or once they are hired to work as a direct service provider.