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Canada Summer Jobs

Canada Summer Jobs are posted! These positions are available for individuals between 15 and 30 years old who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or refugees. Find these jobs by searching job boards with keywords such as "Summer" or "Canada summer jobs.?

You can also find a list of employers funded by the program (but not job postings) sorted by region here. If you find an organization of interest, check their website or job boards for postings. You can also contact the employer with inquiries about opportunities.

Note: Before calling or emailing an employer, research the organization and prepare a professional message. For example, ?I found your organization on the Canada Summer Jobs database. I know your company *brief sentence about what they do* and I believe I have the skills to be a great candidate for the position. Is it still available?? You should also consider your key, relevant skills and experiences in case they ask you about yourself.